Styles of Polo Shirts

Because the look of the polo shirt has changed so much over the years, there are currently many different styles of polo shirts on the market. By far the most popular style of polo shirt is the basic short sleeved shirt. The short sleeved polo shirt was originally created by Lacoste and has stayed popular ever since its inception. Short sleeved polo shirts can be found in virtually every material. However, since it is short sleeved, it has more of a casual appearance. Additionally, and generally for women, polo shirts with three quarter sleeves are popular too.

Short sleeved polo shirts are not ideal for people living in areas where the climate often fluctuates. For this reason, long sleeved polo shirts are worn in areas with cooler climates and harsh winters. Long sleeved polo shirts were the original version before the sleeves were cut off for more comfort. Like short sleeved polo shirts, long sleeved polo shirts can be found in almost every material. However, since they are not as popular as their short sleeved counterpart, long sleeved polo shirts do not come in such a wide variety.

The length of the sleeve is not the only feature which differentiates polo shirts. There are also many different ways a polo shirt can be designed to fit the body. Basic polo shirts are cut straight up and down and fit on many different body types. Because of this design, basic polo shirts are more suited for men’s bodies. Like most articles of clothing, polo shirts are available in tall sizes too. Generally, tall sizes add an extra two inches of fabric at the bottom so it doesn’t look too short on taller men. Recently, slim fit polo shirts have increased in popularity. Slim fit polo shirts are tighter because they are cut closer to the chest and narrower.

However, men are not the sole consumer of polo shirts. Therefore, polo shirts for women are also available. Women’s polo shirts are cut to their figures, allowing for a more comfortable and flattering fit. This way, there is a clear distinction between men’s and women’s polo shirts. Some polo shirts for women have a V-neck cutout and do not have buttons, making it look more like a t-shirt than an actual polo shirt. Although polo shirts are more popular among men, women do buy them. Therefore, because there is a demand, there has to be a supply.

Another distinguishing feature of polo shirts is the pocket. Usually the pocket is reserved for aesthetic purposes, even though it is a functional pocket. Today, the most polo shirts do not have a pocket. Many companies will also distinguish their polo shirts by embroidering their logo or name on the polo shirt. Overall, the diverse history of the polo shirt has aided in its many versatile styles.

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