Uses for Polo Shirts

The polo shirt has evolved from a shirt designed for sport to a shirt for many occasions. Of course, the polo shirt is still used for the sport in which it is named after. Polo players around the world wear polo shirts whether it is at polo clubs or for professional tournaments. However, the polo shirt is also used for many other sports, including tennis, golf, badminton, and rugby. In fact, many golf courses require players to wear polo shirts in order to play.

In addition to being mandatory at some golf courses, polo shirts are also mandatory at many schools and workplaces. Although school uniforms have been around for many years, a lot of schools are deciding to use polo shirts for their uniforms instead of button-up shirts and ties. For example, a school uniform can consist of a plain polo shirt and dress pants. Workplaces are also places in which polo shirts have become mandatory. While school uniforms usually have to be plain, bearing no patterns or labels, polo shirts for work can be more versatile.

There are two types of polo shirts for work: ones which bear the label of the company and ones which follow dress code but bear no relation with the company. Many companies, from fast food restaurants to retail stores, will have employees wear polo shirts with their logo on them. For example, some McDonald’s locations have their employees dress in polo shirts with the golden arches prominent on the shirt. Other companies will require their employees to wear polo shirts because of their business casual appearance. Additionally, polo shirts are great to wear to work because they are comfortable and keep you cool.

Polo shirts can also be effective promotional marketing tools. Promotional products are products which bear the name of a company and are distributed as a means of advertising. Promotional products can range from small items such as pens and buttons to larger items such as backpacks and polo shirts. Polo shirts are useful as promotional products because the logo of the business can be placed prominently on a person’s body. Also, the product is mobile because it is on a shirt, thereby increasing brand exposure and identity. Because polo shirts are such great promotional products, many small businesses will print their logo on the shirt and have their employees wear it or give them away at trade shows as well.

Because of the polo shirts versatility, and because there are so many polo shirts on the market, they can be worn for virtually every occasion. However, certain environments, such as work and school, call for polo shirts to be worn on a daily basis. And while polo shirts can be used for attire, they can also be very effective as promotional products. Therefore, throughout the last fifty years or so, the polo shirt has moved away from being exclusively for sport and into the common wardrobe.

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